Introducing SupportCard

What is SupportCard?

SupportCard is a web-based application utilized by service industry leaders as an internal service operations indicator.

SupportCard will take us to another level of service.
-- Coordinator, Human Resources Arlington, VA

The application is founded on the philosophy that internal service quality impacts profitability through a chain of relational links. By providing service industry leaders with performance data on the areas that support daily operations, SupportCard can be incorporated into an integrated, balanced approach to drive performance improvement throughout an entire organization.

  • Align nursing and support services
  • Create a service-oriented culture around performance excellence
  • Enhance accountability
  • Improve communication and collaboration


Driving Service Quality

Hosted Solution

SupportCard is a hosted web-based application so we do the heavy lifting for you. 

  • No hardware installation or software maintenance
  • Upgrades and patches are automatic
  • Works on any platform — PC, Mac, Linux, or Solaris.

Customizable Features

SupportCard offers customization options to ensure the application is designed to meet the unique goals and objectives of your organization.

Reinforce brand identity

Customize SupportCard with your organization logo to reinforce your brand.

Set organization-specific parameters

Incorporate support services and nursing departments specific to your organization.

Determine performance metrics

Configure SupportCard to align with organizational goals.

Reporting Capabilities

SupportCard offers robust reporting capabilities with varying degrees of granularity.

  • Collated free-text comments
  • Historical reports for trend analysis
  • Response rates to track compliance
  • Rating distribution reports to identify variation 
  • Custom reports
  • Auto-generated summary report

Professional Consulting Services

Draw upon our breadth of knowledge and experience in change management, LEAN operational management, process improvement, application implementation, strategy development, and service excellence to ensure an efficient and effective implementation. Our professional consulting services are tiered; therefore, your organization has the flexibility to determine the level of involvement ranging from soft-touch to completely hands-on and anywhere in between.

Differentiate on Service

Performance Management

SupportCard provides real-time customer feedback to create a proactive, rather than reactive, service-oriented culture.

The floors we are struggling with on the SupportCard are also the ones our patient satisfaction is low on. There is a nice parallel. -- Director of Laboratory & Surgical Pathology Newton, MA

Enhance Accountability

Incorporate SupportCard performance into leadership evaluations to drive accountability.

Drive Performance

Establish performance benchmarks and service goal attainment levels to drive performance.

Reward & Recognition

Highlight individuals or departments that exceed expectations and have gone above-and-beyond to deliver exceptional customer service.

Process Improvement

SupportCard identifies opportunities for process improvement. Robust reporting capabilities allow organizations to examine system-level and department-level service performance to identify gaps and uncover the most common reasons for service failures.

Please continue to encourage your staff to fill out these surveys. They help us to go back and review our internal processes and see where we can make changes to continually improve. -- Clinical Research Coordinator Boston, MA

Improve Communication and Collaboration

SupportCard is a vehicle to enhance communication and collaboration.

I just wanted to let you know how great this is working out! I’ve already been in contact with many of the right people to work through issues identified by my staff. -- Nurse Manager
Harrisburg, PA


SupportCard provides an open forum ensuring organization-wide communication.


Incorporate SupportCard into rounding processes to improve the collaboration among departments and facilitate the resolution of identified service issues.

Service Recovery

Uncover areas to execute service recovery to maintain customer satisfaction and to continue to build professional relationships.

Sharing Best Practices

Information Guides

Information Guide

This guide provides overall information regarding the use of SupportCard. It is available to all. » Download

User Manuals

User Guide Administrative

User guide for administrators of SupportCard. Password protected. » Download

User Guide Clinical

User guide for clinical members of SupportCard. Password protected. » Download

User Guide Support Service

User guide for support services. Password protected. » Download


Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work

Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. Harvard Business Review, 1994. » Download

Aramark Health Care White Paper

Creating a Culture of Collaboration between Nursing and Support Services in the Clinical Setting. White Paper, The American Organization of Nurse Executives » Download

Creating Value from the Inside Out

Creating Value From the Inside Out: Take 10 steps to create value for your internal customers. John Guaspari » Download


  • What do I do if I forgot my password?

    1. Launch into SupportCard via your unique URL address (
    2. Click on the Forgot your password? link located below the loginlogin
    3. Enter your email address specified in your login profile and click Submitenter_email 
    4. An email will be sent to you within a few moments with instructions for resetting your password.
  • How do I change my password?

    You can reset your password at any time by selecting the Password icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen. Follow the instructions to create a new password and remember to click Save Record when you have completed all the necessary fields.

  • How do I grant a user multiple levels of access?

    Only Administrative users have the ability to manage user logins and assign levels of access.

    1. Select the Administration icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen.
    2. Select the Manage Logins link 

    To grant multiple levels of access to a new user:

    1. Select Create New Login
    2. Fill in the required sections with the appropriate information
    3. Select Yes for Dept. Access and Yes for Service Access
    4. Move the appropriate department/service to the User granted access to columngranted_access
    5. Click Save Record

    To grant multiple levels of access to an existing user:

    1. Locate the existing user in the Active Logins list and select the user
    2. Select Yes for Dept. Access and Yes for Service Access 
    3. Move the appropriate department/service to the User granted access to columngranted_access2 
    4. Click Save Record
  • How do I reopen a survey that has already been committed?

    1. Select the Administration icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen. 
    2. Select Manage SupportCards link 
    3. Select the survey you wish to reopen 
    4. Change the Committed section from Yes to Nosurvey
    5. Click Edit Supportcard
  • How do I create a new survey?

    1. Select the Administration icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen. 
    2. Select Manage SupportCards link 
    3. Enter the new Survey Name [Note: Use the same naming pattern as previous surveys]survey2
    4. Enter the Start Date of the new survey [Note: Start date has to be later than the end date of the previous survey.] (Ex. The next survey Start Date has to be 12/22/2012 or later)survey3
    5. Click Create New SupportCard
  • How do I edit comments prior to publishing results?

    As an organization, you may make the decision to edit/remove inappropriate comments entered in SupportCard prior to publishing the results. To edit comments the survey needs to be in open status (not committed). To do so:

    1. Click on the Results icon for the survey you wish to edit
    2. Identify the Clinical Area that entered the comment you wish to edit/remove (Column # 3). Note the particular Support Service the comment was in reference to (Column #1). 
    3. Select the Home icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen. 
    4. Select the Survey you wish to edit 
    5. Select the Clinical Area that entered the comment 
    6. Click on the Notes icon for the Support Service the comment was about 
    7. Edit/Remove the comment 
    8. Click Save Record
  • How do I change SupportCard’s parameters (rating scale, survey frequency, rating level requiring comment, auto-create)?

    1. Select the Administration icon located in the navigation toolbar at the top right side of the screen.
    2. Select Application Configuration link

      Application Headline: This text will appear in large type at the top of each page (up to 250 characters).

      Application Tagline: This text will appear as smaller subtext underneath the Application Header. It could contain a company slogan or contact information for IT or an Administrator (up to 250 characters).

      Application Email: This email address will be used as the FROM address when email is sent from the SupportCard application. It should be a valid email address that the administrator has access to.

      Survey Edit Timeframe: This is the number of days a survey should cover and should reflect the intended frequency of survey distribution. For example, if you want to administer SupportCard on a weekly basis then enter 7.

      Survey Display Filter: Reflects the default date window period used for generating the list of surveys on the Home page. SupportCards with a start date within this period are displayed. The window can be changed at any point from the Survey Display Filter located on the Home page.

      Rating Descriptions: This text appears on the survey page and provides a description for each rating value. [Note: The rating level range 1-5 is fixed and cannot be changed].

      Rating Level Notes Required: This is the survey rating value for which Comments are required. Any rating equal to or below this number will prompt the end user to enter a Comment by automatically displaying the Notes entry boxes.

      Auto-create SupportCard: Setting this to Yes means that a new Supportcard will be created automatically when a user logs in and no current SupportCard exists. The SupportCard will be created to start the day after the most recent SupportCard timeframe ended

    3. Click Save Record 
  • Why are the changes I made to SupportCard’s parameters (rating scale, service quality attributes, or adding a new user, support service, or clinical area) not appearing on the most recent open survey?

    Changes to SupportCard’s parameters will only appear on NEW surveys. Past surveys that have either already been committed or are in open status during the time of the edits, will not reflect the parameter changes. 

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